Asus OEM Laptop Battery For Asus A41-K56 A42-K56 A32-K56 A31-K56


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Brand New
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 2600 mAh
Voltage: 14.8V
Color: Black

Fit Laptop Model Number:
ASUS A46 Ultrabook
ASUS A56 Ultrabook
ASUS E46 Series
ASUS K46 Ultrabook
K46CA Series
K46CA-WX013 K46CA-WX014 K46CA-WX015
K46CM Series
K46CM-WX002D K46CM-WX003D K46CM-WX004D
K46CM-WX007 K46CM-1AWX K46CM-WX025V
K46CM-WX047V K46CM-WX090V
ASUS K56 Ultrabook
K56C Series
K56 K56CA
K56CM Series K56CM-XX055D
K56CM-XX014D K56CM-XX014 K56CM-XX055
K56CM-XX008 S56CM-XX046R
K56CA Series
K56CM Series
ASUS R405 Ultrabook
ASUS R505 Ultrabook
ASUS R550 Ultrabook
ASUS S40 Ultrabook
ASUS S405 Ultrabook
ASUS S46 Ultrabook
ASUS S505 Ultrabook
ASUS S550 Ultrabook
ASUS VivoBook S550 Series
ASUS VivoBook V550 Series
ASUS S56 Ultrabook
ASUS U48 Ultrabook
ASUS U58 Ultrabook
ASUS V550 Ultrabook

Fit Battery Part Number:




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