HP OEM Laptop Battery for HP KC04XL


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Condition: Brand New
Product Type: Original Battery
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Capacity: 53.2Wh 3454mAh
Voltage: 15.4V

Replace Part Numbers:
HSTNN-DB8P, KC04XL, HSTNN-IB8K, KC04053XL, L08496-855, L08544-1C1, L08544-2B1, TPN-W133, TPN-W136, KCO4XL, LO8496-855

Fit Laptop Models:
HP Envy 13 AH Series:
ah0001nk, ag0005ng, AH0000, AH1005TX,AH1005TX(5HS52PA), AH1006TX, AH1006TX(5HS55PA),
AH0000TX, ah0001ng, AH0001NK, ah0002ne, ah0003na, ah0004ng, AH0004TU, ah0005ng, AH0005TU,
ah0006ng, ah0006nm, AH0006TU, AH0007TU, AH0008TU, AH0009TU, AH0010TX, AH0011TX, AH0012TX,
AH0013TX, AH0014TX, AH0015TX, AH0016TX, AH0019TX, ah0022tx, ah0025TX, ah0029TU, ah0032tx,
ah0039TX, ah0075nr, ah0301ng, AH1002TU, AH1002TU(5HS49PA), AH1002TX, AH1002TX(5HS57PA), AH1003TU,
AH1003TU(5HS39PA), AH1004TU, AH1004TU(5HS42PA), AH1004TX, AH1004TX(5HS48PA),AH1005TU, AH1005TU(5HS44PA)

HP Envy x360 AG Series:
13 ag0001nk, 13-AG0000, 13-ag0000au, 13-AG0001NG, 13-AG0001NK, 13-ag0002na, 13-AG0002NS, 13-AG0003NG,
13-AG0004NG, 13-AG0005NG, 13-ag0007AU, 13-ag0011au, 13-AG0012AU, 13-ag0014AU, 13-AG0016NB, 13-AG0018AU,
13-ag0023au, 13-ag0140nd, 13-ag0500nd, 13-ag0801no




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