iLead Phone Battery for Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery EB-BG930ABE SM-G930 3300mAh


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Specially designed to work with your Samsung Galaxy S7
• Uses lithium-Ion technology to ensure maximum battery life and Power
* Li-ion Battery
* Voltage: 3.85V
* Capability: 3300mAh

– Your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery does not charge anymore
– Your existing Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery drains much faster than it used to.
– Phone does not charge to 100% anymore
– The existing Samsung Galaxy S7 battery was never a full capacity battery causing it to never charge properly
– Your phone does not turn on at all
– Your phone turns on but won’t go past the Samsung logo
– The original battery was replaced with a third party Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery that never worked properly
– Your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery drains down much faster than it first did.
– The battery for your Samsung Galaxy S7 goes dead flat from any % that is not 1%





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