Karat Earth Bagasse Hinged Containers Food Takeaway Containers Oven Safe - 3 Compartments


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9”x9” Bagasse Hinged Clamshell Container – 3 Compartments

##### Feature #####

BPI-Certified compostable and biodegradable Karat Earth Bagasse products are the very best alternative to
Styrofoam Bagasse is comprised of sugar cane fibers which can be strong and sturdy; a really perfect source
of sustainable subject matter for food packaging.

Karat Earth Bagasse hinged containers are the perfect alternative to Styrofoam boxes. Bagasse is made from
sugar cane fibers that are left over after the extraction of the sugar, which makes the material extremely
durable and strong. This container is microwave-safe and does not emit any toxic fumes. The Karat Earth
Bagasse line of food containers and tableware is BPI-Certified, compostable, and biodegradable.

##### Specification #####

Product size: 228.6mm L x 235.5mm W x 76.2mm H
Case 200 containers (4 sleeves, 50 containers per sleeve))
Carton total weight: 9.1kg
Microwave Safe: Yes
Color: Natura




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