LED Digital Display With Mobile Power Supply And Flashlight On-board Electric Air Pump Portable Inflator Tire Pressure Detector


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Charge to preset pressure and stop:
When the ball is inflated, there is no need to repeatedly press and check. Inflate accurately and reach the right pressure at once to help you enjoy

Passionate and worry-free:
Digital display, can detect tire pressure and test tire pressure at any time to avoid emergency.

The temperature difference between the four seasons is large, so the tire pressure needs to be checked and adjusted regularly.

Too low or excessive tire pressure may cause safety hazards. For example, insufficient tire pressure due to accidental tire jogging, and emergency inflation can help you get out of trouble.

Powerful function, compatible with multiple nozzles. The high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the inflation force required by road bikes.

Inflate ordinary bicycle tires, football, car tires, motorcycle tires, etc.
Small and easy to carry. Powerful and compatible with multiple nozzles. It can be charged by mobile power to prepare a great journey, so riding and driving becomes easy and ready.

No external power supply is required for operation. It is small in size, can be carried with the car, and can be easily put in a truck or backpack. Motorcycle hiking is more free.

1. Support multiple inflation devices:
Automobile tires
Motorcycle tires
Bicycle tires
Various balls
2. Power Bank
3. Flashlight (including S.O.S light)
4. Easy to carry
5. LED display

Size: about 7.95×3.03×2.08 inches
Net weight: about 430g
Battery type: lithium ion
Battery capacity: 2000mAh/ 3.7V
Input: 5V/ 2A micro USB
Output: 5V/ 2A USB-A
Default inflation range: 0.2 to 10bar/ 3 to 150psi
Working noise: within 1 meter <80dB
Working temperature: 0~45℃ charge, -10~45℃ discharge
Charging time: <3 hours


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