Lenovo OEM Laptop Battery 71+ For Lenovo ThinkPad L560 L570 SB10H45071 00NY486 00NY488


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Condition: Brand New
Product Type: Original Battery
Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Capacity: 4100mAh/48Wh
Voltage: 10.8V

Replace Part Numbers:
00NY486, 00NY488, 00NY489, B10H45071, SB10H45071, SB10H45073, SB10H45074

Fit Laptop Models:
Lenovo L560-7CD, ThinkPad L560(20F10022GE), ThinkPad L560(20F10032GE), ThinkPad L570 20J8/20J9, ThinkPad L570 20J8001BGE, ThinkPad L570 20J8001JMZ, ThinkPad L570 20J8001XMX, ThinkPad L570 20JQ/20JR, ThinkPad L570 20JRS08800, ThinkPad L560(20F2A007CD), ThinkPad L560(20F10025GE), ThinkPad L570, ThinkPad L570 20J80019GE, ThinkPad L570 20J8001BMZ, ThinkPad L570 20J8001LGE, ThinkPad L570 20J8002JGE, ThinkPad L570 20JQ000PGE, ThinkPad L560(20F2A0J1CD), L560-ACD, ThinkPad L560(20F1001YGE), ThinkPad L560(20F10026GE), ThinkPad L570 20J9S01600, ThinkPad L570 20J8001AMZ, ThinkPad L570 20J8001EIX, ThinkPad L570 20J8001MGE, ThinkPad L570 20J9S11200, ThinkPad L570 20JQ000PMZ, ThinkPad L560(20F2A06ACD), L560, ThinkPad L560




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