MSI Delta OEM 240W 20V 12A 4.5x3.0mm Laptop Charger for MSI GS/GL/GF/Sword/Delta


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Input Voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz;
Output: 20V 12A 240W
Connecter size: 4.5×3.0mm

Compatible with P/N:
Chicony A20-240P2A Delta adp-240eb d 240W 20V 12A

240W 20V 12A Laptop Charger for MSI Delta 15 15 A5EFK 15001 MSI GS66 GF66 GF76 GL66 GL76 12U Sword 15 Crosshair 17 15 R6E Intel 12th gen Laptop

Built-In safety protections, Multiple protections against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.

Compatible models:

MSI GS66 GF66 GF76 GL66 GL76 12u intel 12th gen i5 i7
Bravo Series Bravo 15 C7VE, Bravo 15 C7VEK, Bravo 15 C7VF, Bravo 15 C7VFK, Bravo 15 C7VFKP, Bravo 17 C7VE, Bravo 17 C7VEK, Bravo 17 C7VF, Bravo 17 C7VFK, Bravo 17 C7VFKP
Crosshair series 15 B12UGZ, 15 C12VE, 15 C12VF, 15 C12VG, 15 R6E B12UEZ, 17 B12UGZ, 17 C12VE, 17 C12VF, 17 C12VG
Delta series Delta 15 A5EFK
GF series GF66 12UEK, GF66 12UEO, GF66 12UEOK, GF66 12UG, GF66 12UGK, GF66 12UGO, GF66 12UGOK, GF66 12UGS, GF66 12UGSO, GF66 12UGSOK, GF66 12UGSZOK
GL series GL66 12UEK, GL76 12UEK
GS series GS66 12UGS, GS66 12UH, GS66 12UHS
Katana Series Katana 15 B12VEK, Katana 15 B12VFK, Katana 15 B12VGK, Katana 15 B13VEK, Katana 15 B13VFK, Katana 15 B13VGK, Katana 17 B12VEK, Katana 17 B12VFK, Katana 17 B12VGK, Katana 17 B13VEK, Katana 17 B13VF K, Katana 17 B13VGK
Stealth Series Stealth 14 Studio A13VE, Stealth 14 Studio A13VF, Stealth 14 Studio A13VG




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