Nintendo Switch Fitness Ring Game Adventure Yoga Circle


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Nintendo Switch fitness ring game adventure yoga sport somatosensory leg bandage

##### Feature #####

Single Package
Weight with packaging: 570g, naked 327g

##### Specification #####

Comfortable Grips
The grips are highly breathable and absorb sweat quickly, keeping your hands dry and comfortable for long-time gameplay.
Stretchable Leg Strap
Fit most leg sizes: It has adjustable Velcro strap so you can adjust the length according to the size of your leg for adults and children. Simple and convenient.

“Ring Fit Adventure” (Ring Fit Adventure) When you play, you need to install Joy-Con on the fitness ring and thigh straps separately, and then complete the running, flying, rowing and other actions in the game with somatosensory. In this work, there will be a “fit battles” similar to the round of RPG encounters. In this case, you can also use various forms of exercise (such as archery) to cause damage to the enemy. Different strikes. After completing different levels, players can gain experience points. Continuous upgrades can strengthen the character’s attributes to unlock various skills that can be used in actual combat.




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