HP OEM laptop battery for HP EliteBook 745 755 840 850 G3 G4 mt42 Zbook 15u G3 800231141 800513-001 HSTNN-IB6Y CS03XL TA03XL


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  • Brand New
  • Certification: None
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Model Number: CS03XL
  • Battery Cells: 6 Cells
  • Compatible Brand: HP
  • Battery Voltage: 11.4V
  • Package: Yes
  • voltage: 11.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 46Wh

Part Number:

800231-141    800513-001  CS03   CS03XL

HSTNN-I33C-4   HSTNN-I33C-5   HSTNN-I41C-4


Compatible Model:

 745 G3 : Z3T00UT T3L35UT T3L33UT T3L32UT T3L36UT T3L34UT P5W11UT 1FX56UT

745 G4: 1FX54UT 1FX52UT 1FX55UT 1FX53UT 1FX57UT

755 G3: Z3T01UT T3L75UT T3L77UT T3L78UT T3L74UT T3L73UT T3L76UT

755 G4 : 1FX51UT 1FX49UT 1FX50UT 1FY98UT 1FY99UT

840 G3 : Z2A59UT Z2A56UT Z2A57UT Z2A58UT X9U23UT X9U25UT X9U24UT T6F45UT V1H24UT T6F47UT Z2B09UT W0S14UT W0S13UT Z2B08UT V1H23UT T6F46UT V1H25UT T6F48UT T6F44UT Z2A55UT Z2A54UT

840 G4 : 1GE44UT 1GE40UT 1LB77UT 1LB79UT 1FY18UT 1GE46UT 1GE45UT 1GE39UT 1LB78UT 1LB76UT 1GE43UT 1GE42UT 1GE41UT

850 G3: V1H22UT V1P45UT V1H18UT V1H17UT V1H16UT V1H19UT V1H21UT V1H20UT W0S16UT W0S15UT Z3U88UT Z3U87UT V2W72UT Z3U83UT Z3U84UT Z3U85UT Z3U86UT  EliteBook 850 G4 : 1BS52UT 1BS54UT 1BS51UT 1BS53UT 1BS47UT 1BS49UT 1BS48UT 1BS46UT 1BS50UT

15u G3 Mobile Workstation :V1H64UT T8R80AW V1H60UT V1H61UT V1H59UT T8R82AW X5E37AW X5E35AW V1H65UT V1P50UT V1H66UT V1H63UT V1H62UT

15u G4 Mobile Workstation:1BS35UT 1BS32UT 1BS31UT 1BS34UT 1BS33UT




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