HP OEM Laptop Adapter Charger 19V 4.74A 90W 7.4*5.0mm


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  • Item Name: HP 19V 4.74A 90W 7.4×5.0mm Power Adapter
  • AC Input: 100-240V 1.2 ~ 1.4A 50-60Hz
  • DC output Voltage / current: 19V 4.74A
  • Power Supply Watt: 90W
  • Adapter Plug Size:: 7.4×5.0mm
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Compatible with 19V 3.42A 65W & 18.5V 3.5A 65W


Package included:

1 x AC Adapter/Charger

  • Note: AC Power Cable/Cord is not included


Compatible models:
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***Not all Compatible models is listed Please contact us if you cannot sure the AC adapter.***


510 511 516 620 621 625 630 B1201VU B1202TU B1202VU B1203TU B1203VU B1204TU B1204VU B1205TU B1205VU B1206TU B1206VU B1207TU B1207VU B1208TU B1208VU
CQ360 CQ40 CQ43 CQ45 CQ50 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ60 CQ61 CQ62 CQ70 CQ71

Compaq Presario

B1010 B1011 B1013 B1014 B1015 B1015A B1200 CTO B1201TU
HP 250 255 G1 2000 3105m 3115m 425 430 430 G1 430 G2 431 435 440 G1 440 G2 450 450 G0 450 G1 450 G2 455 455 G2 470 G1 470 G2 621 635 650 655

HP Business Notebook

2210b 2510p 2710p 6510b 6515b 6520s 6530b 6530s 6531s 6535b 6535s 6710b 6710s 6715b 6715s 6730b 6730s 6735b 6735s 6830s 6910p 8710w Nc4400 Nc6200 Nc6230 Nc6320 Nc6400 Nw9440 Nx6115 Nx6125 Nx6310 Nx6315 Nx6320 Nx6325 Nx6330 Nx7300 Nx7400 Nx7410 Nx7420 Nx7440 Nx9420

HP EliteBook

2170p 2530p 2533t 2540p 2560p 2570p 2730p 2740p 2760p 2760p 6470b 6540B 6550B 6570b 6930p 720 G1 720 G2 725 G2 725 G3 740 G1 740 G2 745 G2 750 G1 750 G2 755 G2 810 G1 810 G2 820 G1 820 G2 8310b 8310 840 G1 840 G2 8440p 845 G1 845 G2 8460b 8460p 8470p 8470w 850 G1 850 G2 8530p 8540p 8560p 8570p 8640p 8640 8710b 8710p 8730p 8760p G32-201TX G42-101XX G50 G56 G60 G6000 G61 G62 G70 G71 G72

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Dm4 DV3000 DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 G4 G6 G7 M6 M7

HP Pro Book

4431s 4435s 4436s 4440s 4441s 4445s 4446s 470 G1 470 G2 4710s 4720s 4730s 4740s 5220m 5310m 5320m 5330m 6360b 640 G1 6440b 6445b 645 G0 HP 645 G1 6450b 6455b 6460b 6465b 6470b 6475b 650 G1 6540b 6545b 655 G0 655 G1 6550b 6555b 6560b 6565b 6570


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