Lenovo OEM ThinkPad Battery For 45N1043 B590 E430 E435 E440 Y480 E530 540 75+


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Brand New
Cell Type: 6-Cell (Li-ion)
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 48wh/4400mAh
Color: Black

Compatible Part Number:


121500047 121500049 121500052
45N1042 45N1043 45N1048
45N1049 45N1051 45N1052
45N1054 45N1055 L11L6F01
L11L6R01 L11L6Y01 L11M6Y01
L11N6R01 L11N6Y01 L11P6R01
L11S6F01 L11S6Y01

Compatible Laptop Fit Model:

IdeaPad B480 IdeaPad B485 IdeaPad B580
IdeaPad G480 IdeaPad G485 IdeaPad G580
IdeaPad G585 IdeaPad G780 IdeaPad N580
IdeaPad N581 IdeaPad N585 IdeaPad N586
IdeaPad V480 IdeaPad V480C IdeaPad V480S
IdeaPad V580 IdeaPad V580C IdeaPad Y480
IdeaPad Y580 IdeaPad Z480 IdeaPad Z485
IdeaPad Z500 IdeaPad Z580 IdeaPad Z585

ThinkPad Edge E430 ThinkPad Edge E430-3254xxx ThinkPad Edge E430-6271xxx
ThinkPad Edge E430C ThinkPad Edge E430C-3356xxx ThinkPad Edge E435
ThinkPad Edge E435-3256xxx ThinkPad Edge E435-3269xxx ThinkPad Edge E530
ThinkPad Edge E530-3259xxx ThinkPad Edge E530-6272xxx ThinkPad Edge E530C-3366xxx
ThinkPad Edge E535 ThinkPad Edge E535-3260xxx ThinkPad Edge E50
ThinkPad Edge E50-0302xxx




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