Repair man Lead-Free Biard Washing Water X1000


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X1000 Lead Free Flame Retardant Washing Water PCB Cleaner For Motherboard Clearing Flux, Bga Soldering Cleaning Tools

X1000 Lead-Free Board Washing Water Feature:
1. To quickly clean dust, oil stains, metal dust, etc. Easy to volatilize and leaves no marks.

2. Suitable for PCB Board cleaning after soldering, Cleaning after engineering circuit welding, cleaning computer main board after soldering, Cleaning after PCBA circuit welding soldering, Cleaning after the surface-mounted process, cleaning phone board after soldering, Cleaning after electronics repairing More applications is waiting for you to discover.

3. Deep decontamination Quick evaporate and leave no stains. Clean a wide area, it can clean rosin, flux, grease, dirt, etc. on the circuit board, etc. Excellent cleaning ability.

4. Compatible with precision electronics repairing. Widely used in phone main board, and chip.

5. Lead-free board washing water. The board washing water is made of lead-free material which has no corrosion effect on the PCB and does not corrode metal and glass fiber.

6. Double leak-proof, fully sealed cover to prevent leakage during transportation. Double sealing shows our sense of responsibility for product protection.
– Metal-can body design, Repair Man lead-free board washing water is packaged in metal cans to make sure the product is safely stored and well protected during transportation.
– Double protection sealed plastic pull ring.

7. Designed for protecting the ‘Microphone’. Protection stickers are included in the package.
– Please tape the microphone hole to avoid damage when cleaning the main board.

8. Instructions of Usage
– Use with a fur brush or a piece of dust-free cloth Start by using a brush or tools to remove large foreign matter on the surface of the circuit board, and then use a brush or other tools to scrub the main board.
–  Ultrasonic immersion cleaning
Ultrasonic clean. Pour board washing water into the ultrasonic cleaner, and then place the PCB or workpiece to be cleaned into the ultrasonic cleaner. turn the device on for4- 6 minutes.

If the board turns white, or sticky afterward, stains remain on the board, which results in “Invalid cleaning”. Please use the washing water with a piece of dust free cloth to clean it all over again.




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